Bob Robinson Eaton County Treasurer

I have worked to provide the information, assistance, and services listed below. I have accomplished the following goals and objectives (and much more) at no additional cost to Eaton County Taxpayers.

  1. Successfully lobbied for bipartisan passage of Senate Bill 574 of 2013 to let Eaton County, and all counties throughout Michigan, foreclose their own tax delinquent properties rather than surrendering them to the State of Michigan.
  2. Saved Eaton County taxpayers more than $3,650,000 by refinancing old debts.
  3. Reduced county borrowing by over $600,000 annually. The county's credit rating with Standard and Poor's has gone from AA- to AA.
  4. Diversified county investments to better protect taxpayer capital. This improved safety of funds and produced higher returns on deposits and investments.
  5. Put delinquent tax payments and dog licensing online for the convenience of Eaton County dog owners and taxpayers. These services have saved the county over $30,000 in direct fees annually, more than $30,0000 in development costs, and tens of thousands more in overhead and manual processing costs.
  6. Updated the office with 21st century technology, moved to a paperless business operation, and streamlined management processes saving taxpayers hundreds of thousands in future operational expenses.
  7. Developed better communications with taxpayers, cities, villages, and townships! See my 24 hour website for the new print materials and communications pieces I've developed including a Guide to Eaton County Property Taxes, Delinquent Tax Foreclosure Time line, Principal Residence Exemptions, Veterans Property Tax Relief, and Dog Licensing Info. I also organized the bipartisan "Treasurers of Eaton County Networking Group" which meets quarterly for best practices exchange between city, village, and township treasurers throughout the county.

To see more, see my complete 2015 Annual Report at


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