Eaton County Treasurer Bob  Robinson I Believe in Eaton County!

I am proud to serve as Eaton County Treasurer.  I never forget the important responsibilities that have been entrusted to me and I work hard every day to fulfill those responsibilities. As treasurer I have improved the quality of life for Eaton County people by reducing debt, improving efficiency, diversifying and securing county investments, and helping families,seniors, and veterans save their homes from the tragedy of tax foreclosure. I'm proud to say I have delivered on every objective I established for my first term in office, and more. I've successfully changed state law to better serve Eaton County taxpayers, and reduced costs by updating the office with 21st Century technology. I've saved taxpayers $3.66 million and the County's credit rating has been upgraded to AA.

I look forward to the opportunity of devoting the next four years to the managerial leadership you expect and deserve from your county treasurer. Check out My Accomplishments page to see my complete list of accomplishments during my first term. Or, for information on the duties and services I provide from the Eaton County treasurer's office, go to the Eaton County treasury Web page.

Bob Robinson, APR, ACPFIM

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